about us

LidaLida is an Austrian fashion platform that collects niche selection of brands in one place and deliver it within 2-3 days. Our mission is to be the global platform for unique and quality fashion, connecting talented creators and conscious consumers.

It all started with Vladlena, the founder, continuously dressing in the rare and conspicuous brands, which mostly couldn't be found in all of Austria. The idea of creating the platform was born after she started to get numerous questions about the clothes she was wearing.

The name of the brand comes from the founder's family lexicon. The phrase "Lida Lida" was often used by the founder's grandmother as the sign of surprise. When the idea of creating a store came up, "LidaLida" seemed as a good-sounding name, as well as the iconic gesture for the founder's family.

At LidaLida we love to discover the best brands across the Europe, so we can share them with you. The collections are personally defined by Vladlena and cover ready-to-wear items for women.